Mexico Holidays in June 2017 – The Weather and What’s On

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June’s a great time for a holiday. It’s a good timeto sneak in a getaway before the (expensive!) children’s school holidays begin. If you’re considering Mexico for your June holiday, this little guide will let you know what you can expect weather wise and a few things that might be going on there while you’re on holiday.

Weather in Mexico in June

weather mexico june

The weather in Mexico in June is pretty hot in most places. However, it can be a little rainier in June than in other months.

That said, there’ll still be sunny days where you can make the most of the June temperatures with a little bit of sunbathing.

What’s on in Mexico in June?

If you want to try and tie your Mexico holiday in with an event or two, here’s a few things that are going on in Mexico in June.

  • 1st June is Navy Day (Dia de la Marina). In many coastal towns, this is often celebrated with fireworks and a bit of a party. And everyone loves a good party on holiday, right?
  • Corpus Christi takes places in June each year in Mexico. The specific dates in June vary from year to year. Corpus Christi in Mexico is typically marked with processions, food, music and dancing. In Mexico City, these events typically take place near to the Cathedral and the National Palace. It’s certainly worth taking prt in the festivities if you’re on holiday in Mexico in June.
  • Catch the Shadow of the Equinox on 21st June at Chichen Itza. This is a remarkable feat of Mayan architecture. On the Summer Solstice, the Temple of Kukulcan is the place to be. The sun causes a shadow, that looks like a serptent slithering down the steps of the temple. This is no accident and was a precise and deliberate architectural feat by the Mayans. Chichen Itza gets very busy on this day but it really is a spectacle to see if you’re on holiday in Mexico in June

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