Mexico Holidays January 2018 – The Weather and What’s On

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If you’re thinking about escaping the freezing British weather and shaking off those post Christmas blues with a holiday to Mexico in January 2018, our handy guide is geared up to let you know what to expect from our favourite Central Gem at that time of year.

Mexico Weather in January

Mexico is, in short, warm and relatively dry in January on the Caribbean Coast.

January is one of the cooler months of the year in Mexico. But compared to the weather in the UK, you can still expect it to be positively summery. With an average of about 23 degrees, holidays to Mexico in January will feel like a lovely dose of winter sun to the average Brit.

You can expect around 10 days of rain, on average, in January, but this isn’t as high as some of the summer months.

All in all, it’s reasonable to expect that a holiday to the Caribbean Coast of Mexico in January will be warm and fairly dry.

If you venture to, say, Mexico City, you can expect temperatures to be relatively similar (maybe a degree lower!) and but you can expect it to be significantly drier. It’s very often wetter on the Riviera Maya and surrounding areas.

Mexico – What’s on in January 2018?

Always a key consideration when booking a holiday – the festival and major events! If you go on holiday to Mexico in January 2017, there’s a host of things you can probably enjoy.

• Three Kings Day (or the Dia de Los Reyes Magos) is the 6th January every year all over Mexico. This is a day of huge celebration for the country. This is effectively a festive celebration and marks the culmination of the 12 days of Christmas and for most Mexican families, gift exchanges take place on this date rather than in December. Expect some ‘King’s Cake’ dessert and a real celebration.

• BPM Festival takes place in January in Playa del Carmen. Those of you whose holiday to Mexico will involve a trip to Playa del Carmen or nearby in January 2016 might want to take in the BPM festival. This is a huge dance music festival that takes place annually. Granted, not to everyone’s taste, but clubber taking a holiday to Mexico in January should aim to catch this.

• January 17th each year is the Feast of San Antonio de Abad. This is a Catholic holiday and is a day each year when animals can enter Catholic churches to be blessed. Animals are often donned in ribbons and bows and taken to church for blessings. This happens all over the country

All in all, January is a decent time to go on holiday to Mexico if you’d like some good weather and is particularly good if you enjoy Catholic celebrations and culture.

Mexico Holiday Deals January 2018

Escape the British f-f-f-freeze and go on holiday to Mexico in January 2018 from just £550 (at the time of writing) with On the Beach on various board basis options and from about £800 per person with First Choice all inclusive.

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