When my husband and I decided upon Mexico as our honeymoon destination, we set about doing as much research as possible. We didn’t just want to know about which resorts to stay at or which hotels catered best for couples. We wanted practical advice too. Which currency should we take? What should we expect the weather to be like? Are there areas the FCO advises against travel to?

We found our research quite fragmented. We were looking on dozens of different sites and sometimes getting conflicting information.

We loved our time on┬áMexico’s and we’ll definitely be returning. We learnt a lot while there too. This site is where we’ll share the tips we picked up in our time there and other bits of useful info we researched.

We’ll covered practical advice as well as info around tourist attractions, towns and cities, holidays resorts and so on.

If you’ve been on holiday to Mexico as a Brit and want to share your tips, get in touch with us!